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DOG grooming scissors set curved 7 inches professional 7.5 inch cat pet scissors dog grooming Barber Cutting Tools balck pink

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  • Description

    DOG grooming scissors set curved 7 inches professional 7.5 inch cat pet scissors dog grooming Barber Cutting Tools balck pink

    Main features:
    1. Made of high quality 9cr13 stainless steel,
    Hardness: 62HRC
    Thinning rate: 20% to 30%
    2. Adjustment screw can easily tighten or loosen scissors
    3. Professional barber scissors, sturdy and durable, fine workmanship, good sharpness, especially through ice calcination so that precise blades and sharp blades of hands can trim clean lines and trim hair
    4. Great for hairdressers, salons and home use

    Product type: Styling accessories
    Package weight: 0.1 kg or 0.2 kg
    Product dimensions length x width x height: 22.00 x 11.00 x 3.00 cm or 8.66 x 4.33 x 1.18 inches
    Packing size length x width x height: 23.00 x 12.00 x 4.00 cm or 9.06 x 4.72 x 1.57 inches

    scissors: 5.5inch = 16.5cm
    scissors: 6 inch = 17.5cm
    scissors: 7 inch = 19cm
    scissors: 8 inch = 22cm
    scissors: 9inch = 25cm

    About shipping:
    1. The standard shipping time from China to all parts of the world is 7 to 29 working days.
    2. After receiving your order, we will usually process it within one day, if there are special circumstances, we will
    Processing within three days
    3. Thank you for your purchase, we will ship within 20 hours

    Dear customer: Due to the beautiful picture, the scissors do not include a scissors bag. Please contact us if you need a scissors package. Thank you.

    our products:

    Durable materials: Made of 100% 9Cr15Mov stainless steel, with excellent durability, hardness 62HRC, carbon (C) 8.8.9-9.5%, chromium (Cr) 15%, Corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance, durable.

    Cutting shears: The surface of pet hair clippers is smooth and the edges are raised. It is sharp without pinching the hair. It effectively protects pets from injury. It is suitable for parallel trimming and can be used in parallel positions on the pet’s body, legs, etc.

    Thinning Shear: Suitable for thinning hair, making pet hair fluffy and natural. Such as Bomi, Teddy, Samoyed, etc.

    Shearing upwards: mechanical hydraulic golden ratio radian, reducing pressure sensitivity, sharp and not jamming hair. Suitable for pet eyes, limbs, underarms, face and other sensitive areas

    Cutting down: mechanical hydraulic golden ratio radian, reducing pressure sensitivity, making hair sharp without getting stuck, can effectively protect pets from harm. Suitable for pet arc trimming, such as pet head, limbs, hips, etc.


    1.Q:Can scissors cut wet hair?
    A:Professional pet scissors can be used for wet and dry hair.

    2.Q:What material is used for the scissors
    A :Ashadow Pet Scissors are made in Japan using 9Cr15Mov stainless steel and manufactured through more than 30 processing technologies. Always looking for superior appearance and internal quality.

    3.Q:What are the steps for pet trimming
    A:Step 1: Bathe your pet
    Step 2: Dry and comb your pet’s hair
    Step 3: Choose the right scissors to trim
    Step 4: Finish trimming

    4. Q: The difference between cutting shears and thinning shears
    A:Cutting shears are suitable for parallel trimming, and are used for the parallel of pet body, legs, etc. Thinning shears are suitable for thinning hair, making pet hair fluffy and natural

    Multiple styles to choose from

    About Us

    Ashadow brand is an independent export trading company focusing on independent development, production and sale of pet scissors. Consumers are positioned in the high-end market, adhering to service-oriented, customer experience-oriented, bold and innovative product development concepts, providing consumers with high-quality pet scissors with multiple quality inspections and quality-oriented attitudes

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